Develop more accurate analyses

We offer tracks in R and Python. Very individual!

Deal with different Data Science models and use them for yourself or your ideas.

Understand how you can finally use the statistical knowledge from school and university effectively

Learn the basics of Python or R that you need as a data scientist.

Start small and test your skills!

Interpretiere Datentrends und Kennzahlen durch intelligente Analysen in Python

Interpret data trends and metrics through intelligent analysis in Python

Improve your analysis skills with NumPy, pandas, matplotlib & many more

Use Supervised (e.g. SVM) and Unsupervised (e.g. PCA) Machine Learning techniques and improve your models.

Create exciting reports with insights

Use Scikit-Learn for Machine Learning Tasks

Use and learn to recognize and deal with patterns in large datasets

Understand the theory behind Random Forest and Decision Trees and use it for your models.

Immerse yourself in the world of the Data Scientist and get your digital career off to a flying start.