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We. Build. Digital. Shaper.

We're TechLabs. A community to get digital.
We all share a belief in the positive potential of digital technology.


The faces behind TechLabs

Our mission is digital first.


Founder and head behind the TechLabs vision. David is passionate about teaching digital skills to young people every day. At TechLabs, he works with the team and our partners to continuously develop the TechLabs idea. Favourite places: jazz clubs, piano, kitchen. As a full-time data scientist, our data science track has naturally grown very close to his heart.

fun fact: Second degree in Philosophy & Politics #philosopher


Founder of TechLabs and responsible for strategy, business development and networks. Always on the lookout for ways to generate impact for the participants - new partners, new benefits or an even better network into the tech world. Fascinated by start ups and digital companies - but at least as enthusiastic about fitness and sports. Passionate coach for topics around Career & Self Development & Podcast Junkie.

fun fact: tracks too many things in his life #quantifiedself


An eye for design, Excel Guru and founder of TechLabs - that's Jonas. At TechLabs, he focuses on marketing, designing the website and driving TechLabs business development. In addition to TechLabs, he enjoys weight training, e-sports, leadership books and is a passionate wakeboarder. 🏄 If Jonas had a favorite track, it would definitely be a mix of data science and web development - graphs & design - his thing!

fun fact:knows every tool #producthuntdaily


Enthusiast for startups and digital business models. At TechLabs, Janan is mainly responsible for administrative tasks, but is also active in marketing and fundraising when needed. In addition to his studies, he is also enthusiastic about foreign policy issues and the impact of technology on society. As with so many things, he cannot yet decide on a particular favourite track.

fun fact: always finds the best deals#mydealzalarm


Uni lectures are not Jana's thing. Instead, she prefers to study in a café while enjoying a delicious cappuccino or thinking up one StartUp idea after another. She would love to start her own business one day. At TechLabs Jana is mainly active in business development. As a participant she has already taken part in our DataScience Track and is now burning to make it possible for more and more students to learn Tech Skills.

fun fact: successfully destroys your mobile phone every few months


Nils makes sure that the participants get an optimal learning experience in the three different tracks at TechLabs from the beginning to the end of the semester. This includes, for example, compiling online course material, individualising the curriculum for each participant and planning the project phase. As the person responsible for the curriculum naturally maintains neutrality, all three learning tracks are close to his heart.

fun fact: is a living online course database.


Anna is only happy when things are going well for the community. She is behind the recruiting, the participant support and the meeting conception. She has a great weakness for France, loves the Hansaviertel in Münster and is fascinated by people and music. When she's not losing herself somewhere between tech, people and music, she's looking for the latest trends in fitness and food. Since she would have preferred to quantify all behaviour and experience, the Data Science Track is of course her favourite.

fun fact: survive the digital age even with an old iPhone 4 - back to the basics!


When he's not rowing or learning at the café, Lorenz is in his head at TechLabs. There he takes care of the development of new partnerships and looks after our existing partners. At home in finance and accounting, he is particularly interested in the digitisation of processes within companies.

fun fact: early riser, as long as there is enough coffee


Miriam lives customer happiness and is only satisfied when our participants are just as passionate about a topic as she is. At TechLabs she is therefore responsible for CRM in the marketing team. "Nordic by Nature" is her motto, so of course she loves water and everything to do with it. That's why the heavy rain in Münster can't stop her from having fun. She started with Data Science herself at TechLabs, so the track has a special place in her heart.

fun fact: She has never lost her way #senseoforientationonfleek


From the beginning and fascinated by the concept Julian tries to infect more people with his enthusiasm for TechLabs. The resulting tasks included support with subsidies and marketing. In addition to TechLabs, he is interested in a variety of things. Above all, he was interested in cooking, sports and almost all topics related to digitization.

fun fact: Passionate Flowerstick player


Loves start ups, people full of energy and digital life. At TechLabs he deals with growth and the strategic direction of the club. In his private life he spends a lot of time in the gym, at the piano and on the guitar, as well as acquiring (partly useless) skills. One of the more useful skills he wants to master is definitely his favourite track - Data Science.

fun fact: has no bike #noleeze


Mathematics is Arian's constant companion. As a true theorist, he is interested in every formula behind an algorithm and wishes to understand everything down to the smallest detail. As a member of the TechLabs curriculum team, he assists with the provision of appropriate course material and challenging challenges for the participants. One of Arian's dreams is the vision of having his own algorithms competing against each other, so the AI track is particularly close to his heart

fun fact: eSports enthusiast and hobby philosopher


Often on the road, often in conversation, mostly with companies, it is obvious that Niklas at TechLabs mainly takes care of the corporate network. When he's not in the train, in the DB lounge or at the station, he's in the kitchen - he likes to cook and eat. As compensation he loves to ride his racing bike fast or to go hiking. Since he would love to learn everything, he has not yet been able to make a firm decision for a track.

fun fact: movie freak because of the popcorn - movie not so important


Marie loves and lives creativity. At TechLabs she shows this in the marketing team by creating a wonderful symbiosis between design and PR. She is particularly interested in fresh content and contact with journalists. When she's not playing with words or pixels, she spends hours browsing the Internet for new underground music trends and design movements. So it is quite clear that web development is her favourite track.

fun fact: still has to come up with something...


Social Media Guy & Growth Hacker at TechLabs. Comes from the marketing/branding sector and was particularly interested in new technologies in marketing. His favourite track would be a mixture of Data Science and AI -> basis for every marketer in the next few years. In addition to TechLabs, he can be found either in the gym 🏋🏼, on Wasser⛵ or on the football pitch ⚽️. Apple disciple and hip hop fan.

fun fact: Hypebeast & Bookworm #almostabookaweek


Lars is just hanging out in Sweden for a semester abroad. At TechLabs he focuses on partnerships and has been a founding member from the very beginning. In addition to TechLabs, he studies business administration and has a great preference for all kinds of finance topics. Therefore, his favourite track is clearly Data Science. Otherwise he is a passionate skier and soccer player.

fun fact: Always orders clothes online!


Dennis is enthusiastic about start ups and venture capital. Through TechLabs, he has slipped into the world of data science and AI and is exploring new territory even without an IT background. At TechLabs he works in the partnership team on the acquisition of strategic cooperations and accompanies the finance department. In his spare time, you usually meet him at sports or cooking - grandma's recipes remain the best!

fun fact: Every year a new challenge #Marathon2019


Pia doesn't know boredom and loves to be on the road. Whether by motorbike, racing bike or currently spending a semester abroad in Norway - there is always something new to discover! At TechLabs she has been a founder from the very beginning and her heart beats for our participants. As she is passionate about Business Intelligence and a small perfectionist in terms of design, Data Science and WebDev are her favourite tracks.

fun fact: Had a ball on her foot before she could walk.


Niklas has a sense of design. Whether DSLR or iPhone: a camera is always in the luggage and if the motive is right, it becomes a suitable photo. Technology must in principle be tried out; technology from Apple no longer uses and sells Niklas with enthusiasm. Time-outs are taken either in the gym or while cooking, because he can let off steam at the stove. As already mentioned, the sense for the creative is pronounced. That's why the WebDev Track inspires him especially.

fun fact: already in kindergarten all toys had to suffer from Niklas' sense of discovery. Until it was clear "how what works".


Richard is enthusiastic about start ups and tech. Already at the age of 19 he has founded his first small start up. Besides his studies in e-commerce he spends his time in the gym. He has been on the TechLabs web dev track himself because he loves to think up new websites, online shops and web apps.

fun fact: He supports the TechLabs team from Mülheim.